2018 | 10 AGM & Carousel Day

Annual Meeting
13 October 2018
10am to 4pm
Bryn House Community Education Centre
78 Walter Road, Swansea SA1 4PS


10.00 am Annual General Meeting

This will be the formal meeting to look at finances, choose committee members, look back at the year and discuss future plans. Only paid-up members of South Wales Scribes will be able take part in discussions and decisions.

11.00 am (approximately) – CAROUSEL

There’ll be three separate activities going on at the same time, lasting about an hour or so each. The idea is that we split into groups – each group start with a different activity and when you’ve finished you move on to the next activity. So everybody has a chance to do all three activities.

A Slotted Concertina Book – Ann Sear

A neat and deceptively simple construction with no glue (except maybe for the cover) – and one where you can change your pages later on if you want to.

“Indented” letters – Alison Allan

I’m not quite sure what to call these but it’s a different way of using embossing tools (or crochet hooks) to create some decorated letters which you can use for cards, etc.

Techniques for well-proportioned margins – Gordon Wood

Tips and methods for working out the space to leave around your calligraphy, including book margins and flat pieces of work (and who knows what else)!
4.00 pm Close

Bryn House,
78 Walter Road,