The Tenth Anniversary Exhibition of the South Wales Scribes – ‘The Written Word – Y Gair Ysgrifenedig’ opened on 26th August 2022.

We were delighted to be exhibiting once again in the historic Swansea Museum. The exhibition occupied Gallery One – a fantastic space providing a superb opportunity to show what we do as a group more widely.

Gallery 1 Swansea Museum

The exhibition featured collaborative projects as well as individual pieces, from 23 members, reflecting a variety of calligraphic styles.

There were demonstrations and ‘try-your-hand at calligraphy’ sessions every Saturday, for the duration of the exhibition, which proved to be very popular and resulted in several new practising enthusiasts!

The exhibition closed on 6th November 2022 after a very successful and inspiring run.

‘Very impressed by the quality and diversity of your artwork.’
(RC – Mercian Scribes)

‘It was impressive to see such a range of calligraphic ideas and techniques used to create your beautiful exhibition. Well worth a visit from Shropshire. (PF – Shropshire Scribes)

December 2022