Envelope Exchange 20-21

Covid restrictions throughout 2020, and into 2021, meant that we were unable to meet for our regular workshops. However frustrating this might have been the ‘lockdowns’ also meant that some of us in fact had more opportunity to indulge in our hobbies.

One aspect of Covid was the change in the way families, friends and groups communicated. We saw an increase in the use of technology with the advent of the ‘Zoom’ and ‘Teams’ virtual gatherings, work meetings, quizzes and workshops. This change enabled many of us to take part in calligraphy workshops that would have been impossible pre-Covid. I for one took part in two calligraphy workshops with practitioners in America, something I never dreamt of pre-lockdown.

In total contrast there was an increase in more conventional, old-fashioned methods of communication – parcels and letters were welcome distractions from the concerns of Covid.

It was in this climate that one of our members Doug Adams suggested an ‘Envelope Exchange’ in 2020 to enable us to keep in touch creatively and socially.

I was always thrilled when the monthly envelope landed on my doorstep and I wasn’t only greeted by a beautifully crafted envelope but I had the added pleasure of reading a hand written note enquiring how I was and describing how the envelope had been derived, designed and what media had been used in its creation.

We would wish to take this opportunity to thank Doug
Adams for organising two very successful Envelope Exchange
projects. The members who took part thoroughly
enjoyed the challenge and the activity when it was not
possible to meet up due to the Covid19 situation.

Lesley Romano