Silence is Golden

In April this year members of South Wales Scribes took part in ‘lifelong learning’ demonstrations during The Swansea Learning Festival.

Swansea is one of only three UNESCO Cities of Learning in the UK and the intention of this city-wide event was to encourage members of the public to take up new learning activities.

Over two days an enthusiastic group of scribes spent a most enjoyable time working in the serene atmosphere of St Mary’s Church. The intention was to work towards creating a collaborative ‘Book of Silence’ (inspired by similar projects undertaken very successfully in Bruges and Cambridge) whilst inviting visitors to ‘have a go’ themselves under the guidance of tutor Judith Porch.

We were very pleasantly surprised to have so many interested visitors and the experience was a great success.

Members have been putting the finishing touches to their works and the gallery shows the results of our labours along with photos from the event.

Adapted and updated by Lesley Romano from an original article for the South Wales Scribes’ Newsletter by Gordon Wood